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You stand before a bone-white tree.  As a breeze flutters by you, it directs your gaze over the small overhang, where you see four distinct territories. You have heard of them before: MoonClan, SunClan, EarthClan, and EclipseClan.  A voice speaks to you: “You look excited little one.  Have you just realized you left the safety of your home?  You look worried.  I won't hurt you, but others may.  Are you prepared to fight tooth and claw for what you believe in?  You must make your choice. Which direction will you take?

“MoonClan is the oldest and most noble clan, founded by myself, Moonstar. Living deep within in the forest, they get their food from the birds and rodents living there. They are the bravest clan and have the closest relationship with StarClan, but due to their age and history, MoonClanners are often arrogant and prone to looking down on the younger clans. While they have the greatest respect for StarClan’s traditions, even they have been known to ignore parts of our code that are inconvenient.

“SunClan resides on the windy moors to the southwestern corner of the clans' territories. Hares are the only abundant prey in their territory, causing them to be the strongest hunters and best at working in a team in order to survive. SunClan is more cautious than the other clans, and the cats can be quite skittish. They are the most rational and introverted: a think-before-you-leap clan. A much higher value is placed on the clan, rather than the individual. They were formed by a band of loners wishing for the stability of clan life, but with little knowledge of the traditions of the clans and so have many of their own traditions and values separate from the code.

“EarthClanners are tolerant, compassionate, and grounded. They prefer to encourage each cat’s individual strengths rather than implementing the conformity of the other clans. To them, the Warrior Code is treated as a general outline on how to live a good life, but is rarely implemented to the letter. EarthClan lives in the prey-rich territory south of MoonClan, where the thick forest and abundant rivers provide them with more comfortable lives than cats of the other clans enjoy.

“EclipseClan calls the two-leg city home and, shaped by this harsh environment, they are renowned for their resourcefulness and ferocity. Here, only the strongest and most devoted cats are allowed to remain in their ranks, as every cat has to claw their way to survival and the safety in numbers that the clan provides is fragile. EclipseClanners highly value battle prowess and as the city provides abundant scavenging, apprentices are taught almost exclusively in fighting and few EclipseClanners know how to hunt.”

The voice stops, and you turn around to see the starry figure of a cat.

“Well?” He meows, “Are you ready?”

Rules and Procedures


  • Respect moderators, administrators, and the owner.  Be kind to all your fellow members.
  • No multi-accounting.
  • Members must be active.
  • This website is for all ages, be appropriate.
  • All forum posts must be in the default format.
  • Signatures must not contain pictures, links, font size above default or be over four lines long.
  • Members must have an up-to-date list of their characters on their profile page clearly indicating which clan each character belongs to.
  • Members may advertise in the off-topic chat box or on their page. Contact the website owner with affiliate requests.


  • All prophecies, major plots, and actions which you believe will significantly affect the plot of the whole website must be approved by the website owner.  The main plot is discussed in blog entries, all members are encouraged to participate in planning.
  • Members may only roleplay their characters.
  • No power playing/godmodding, this includes contact with StarClan outside of approved visits to the Moonstone.
  • No killing or maiming a character without the permission of the owner of the character being killed or maimed.
  • Only cats may be roleplayed.  Cats cannot communicate with other animals through any means.
  • Roleplaying must be done in third person past tense. 
  • Members must make an effort towards correct grammar and spelling while roleplaying.
  • No double posting unless the first post is over 10 minutes old.
  • All forum posts must contain some roleplaying.


  • Members are allowed 20 characters. Moderators, administrators, and the website owner are allowed 24 characters.
  • Owned characters must be cats and belong to a clan.  Loners, rouges and kitty-pets must be “throw-away” characters; they can be played for brief periods but cannot be claimed as an official character.
  • All characters must be original and belong to the owner.  Characters copied from books, TV shows, etc. are not allowed.
  • A previously used warrior or medicine cat name cannot be reused until one year after the previous owner has died, left the clans, or otherwise been removed from the pages. 
  • The names of characters mentioned on the History Page cannot be reused. 
  • Warrior names of major characters from the books cannot be used.
  • Characters must have realistic appearances.  Impossible colors are not allowed, however, impossible combinations of colors are tolerated but should be avoided.
  • Characters must be posted on the Character Updates Page before they are roleplayed.  Any time a change to the Clan Pages should be made, the update must be posted on the Character Updates Page.  This includes new characters, character description redos, deaths, pregnancies, characters leaving the clans or moving clans, changed names, changed ranks, ceremonies, characters being put up for adoption, and characters being adopted.
  • Members do not need to wait for a character to be approved before roleplaying them.
  • Members may have one leader, deputy, medicine cat, or medicine cat apprentice at a time.
  • Any member who has not broken any major rules and has been active on the website for over two weeks may have one Medicine Cat or Medicine Cat Apprentice.  Deputy and leader positions are given by the owner.

Character Adoptions and Transfers:

  • Characters remain up for adoption for two weeks before being deleted, after which they cannot be claimed.
  • To put a character up for adoption, to adopt a character, or directly transfer a character, post in the Character Updates Page using the format provided.
  • Once a character is up for adoption or listed for transfer it will no longer count towards their former owner's character limit, but the former own may no longer play the character. 
  • A member may reclaim a character at any time before they are adopted by another member. After a character is claimed by its new owner, the original owner cannot reclaim them unless the new owner agrees to return the character.
  • Leaders and deputies cannot be put up for adoption or transferred between members.

Art and Video Pages:

  • Members may only post pictures and videos that they have drawn, colored, or significantly edited.
  • If another artist's line art or photo has been used, it must be cited in the image description.
  • Members may not have more than five doll-maker created images on their album at once, the doll maker must be cited in the image description.
  • All uploaded videos and pictures must be directly relevant to the website.  Pictures of yourself, your pets, art unrelated to the roleplay, etc. cannot be posted on the Art Pages.

Aging System:

These are approximate times for how long a character will remain in their rank before being promoted.

  • Kit: 1 month
  • Apprentice: 2 months
  • Warrior/Medicine Cat: 8 months
    A queen carries her kits for 2 weeks before they are born
  • Elder: 1 month

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